The word aguardiente comes from the Latin phrase meaning hot water or fire water and is used to describe regional alcohols around the world. In Colombia, the term refers specifically to a distillation of sugar cane molasses, anise essential oils, and water used to create an alcohol that is similar to pastis, sambuca, and anisette.

The love of aguardiente is sentimental, regional, and jingoistic. Drinking aguardiente is like taking in the essence of your own personal Colombia and daily life is lubricated with the stuff. A modified egg nog, spiked with aguardiente instead of rum, is popular in Colombia around Christmas and the most appropriate and appreciated hostess gift or celebration gift is often a bottle of aguardiente, not wine or champagne.

Regardless of whether you drink it straight or make a Moji-Guaro (Mojito with aguardiente) this Colombian beverage will show you a good time.

Work with us and receive a bottle of the finest Aguardiente to celebrate!